Offering Inquiry, Intuitive Counseling & Hypnotherapy


What Jaclyn Barker does when you meet with her is introduce you to your own brilliance.  She is a generous light-hearted woman who immediately puts you at ease and leads you along safely and comfortably to the places you need to go.

I’ll admit to being unsure of the process of hypnosis before we met but she put me so at ease.  Before long we were discussing my reasons for coming.  In her direct and practical way she revealed to me an aspect in my life that was holding me back, a personal belief I wasn’t even aware of.  This is the beauty and gift of Jaclyn, she has the capacity to draw forth and shed light on the areas that need help and healing the most.

The hypnosis was so simple and beautiful.  I never for a moment felt unsupported or alone.  I knew she had me every step of the way.  She led me to my own best nature where I reveled in joy.  The experience was heart-opening and the effects have stayed with me long after the session, reminding me again and again of my true, divine nature.  I recommend Jaclyn very highly.

– Patricia K.

Hypnotherapy -ubiquitous as it is- was always a modality that conjured up uncertainty and a certain degree of fear in me. Fear, mostly associated with perceived loss of control over my own mental faculties.

However, within minutes of meeting Jaclyn from Light Path Therapy, these fears were laid to rest and replaced with trust and assurance. Jaclyn, patiently and gently, took the time to explain the process to me, and I came to learn that hypnotherapy is not about giving control over to the practitioner but, quite the opposite, it’s about the practitioner helping you reclaim your own power and control over your life. What’s more, contrary to my preconceived imagery of swaying stopwatches and trances, I learned (and later experienced) that in practice I would be fully conscious throughout the entire experience.

Once I was assured and satisfied with Jaclyn’s explanation, the sessions began. Within minutes I felt a sense of calm and confidence come over me, mixed with an increased feeling of control and centeredness. As the session progressed, Jaclyn walked me through and helped release the various patterns of subconscious beliefs – some previously identified and others unknown to me – that were subtly guiding my thoughts and actions in a manner that held me back from realizing many of my goals.

To her even greater credit, she was then also able to identify a couple of key issues that never came up during our initial briefing but that she picked up on intuitively through the session, and these issues as it turned out, combined to form the engine that was driving the negative patterns and beliefs that we identified earlier.

Eventually, as we wrapped up the session and I was guided back to the conscious level, I felt what can best be described as lighter, clearer, and stronger. It was as if I had been cleansed from the inside out and simply “knew” with certainty what to do next. Not bad for what only took 60 minutes!

It’s now been 3 weeks since the session, and as Jaclyn had mentioned before I left, the new beliefs and thought patterns that were formed then have been subconsciously been getting stronger and manifesting themselves in everything that I do. I find myself clearer, more focused, and able to accomplish more every day – all while having more energy to enjoy my life. I now look forward to more time with Jaclyn to further cement this foundation and can’t wait to see what insights and lessons come through next time

– Gaurav D.