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About Jaclyn Barker – Intuitive Counselor & Certified Hypnotherapist

Intuitive counseling Hypnotherapy Sessions in Calgary By Jaclyn Barker - Light Path Therapy
Jaclyn has been on a spiritual journey for as long as she can remember. Having always had a finely tuned energetic awareness, she is able to not only empathically perceive the emotions and mental states of those around her, but can read the atmospheric energy of any place or situation. She asked for her first deck of tarot cards in grade 6, and from there began a journey to explore as many metaphysical concepts as possible. From Buddhist philosophy to witch craft, Jaclyn has compiled a wealth of knowledge that has furthered her understanding of the world around her. She has been able to align the knowledge of these concepts with her felt experience and has developed a way of working with others that is authentic and intuitively guided.

In 2015, Jaclyn took her hypnotherapy accreditation, and the addition of hypnosis allowed her to better serve those she was working with. Hypnosis is a beneficial tool that can allow the concepts and perspectives discussed during the session to really solidify within the client. Incorporating all that she has learned in her journey, she is able to offer an incredibly holistic approach when working with others. She has many tools and resources with which she can employ to ensure that clients walk away feeling more connected and in line with themselves.

Jaclyn intimately understands that you hold the key to your own freedom, she merely illuminates the way.