Offering Inquiry, Intuitive Counseling & Hypnotherapy

Light Path Therapy

Light Path Therapy

Offering Inquiry, Intuitive Counseling & Hypnotherapy




Hi, I’m Jaclyn!

I help folks break free of their narrative and discover their own inner strength.  I firmly believe that real change comes from within, and sometimes all you need is the right tools to deconstruct the obstacles that are holding you back.  The ability to grow has been in you all along, what I do is provide support & encouragement by way of a few different modalities.


The three major modalities I use are:


Hypnosis is an incredibly useful tool and is very similar to a guided meditation, gently bringing you into a relaxed state where we can work directly with your subconscious.  Hypnosis allows you to lessen and even alleviate negative feelings such as anxiety, self doubt and fear of all kinds.  During the session we  follow the feeling back to the first time it ever occurred and from that point, reframe the situation and provide the support you needed in that moment- and from there it’s like the seed was never planted, and that feeling no longer affects you in the same way, if at all.

Hypnosis is also a great way to bolster positive feelings and reinforce confidence in situations such as public speaking or any situation you may feel nervous about.

I also offer past life regressions, chi hypnosis and more spiritual hypnosis sessions if you are interested.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, accredited by The National Guild of Hypnotists.

I love answering questions, and would be happy to provide further details about hypnosis or anything else- please feel free to reach out.


What you are thinking and believing determines everything about your experience.  The beauty of inquiry is that it will bring you clarity and piece of mind by challenging your perspective and giving you the opportunity to really examine what you’ve been believing.

Using a method pioneered by Byron Katie, called The Work, we ask 4 simple questions: is it true? Can you be 100% sure that it’s true? How do you feel when you believe it? Who would you be without that thought? Followed by the opportunity to find turn arounds that may be equally as true or even truer than the original thought.
These questions shed light on what’s going on, and allow you to view the situation from as many perspectives as possible.  Once you’ve gone through the steps, you’ll find that you’re seeing things more clearly and are no longer distressed by the situation.

I encourage you to discover Byron Katie’s The Work and the free resources on her website such as the “Judge your Neighbour” work sheet.

Intuitive Counseling

A session with me is always intuitively guided.  I work from a very connected, heart centered space which allows for precise clarity and insight into your unique situation.

I am able to tune into your energy, and can do an energetic reading by request.  During the reading, I will take a look at your chakra system and let you know where I am seeing energetic blocks.  A variety of information about your current situation will come through and sometimes that may include messages from your higher self or guides.  I am able to pinpoint where you may be struggling, and what action you may need to take in order to move forward.

While the energetic reading can be incredibly insightful, I view it as supplementary to inquiry and hypnosis. Energetic feedback gives us a place to start, the real transformation comes from within.